RHC Engineering

Jim Patton, PE, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Lower High Point Bridge Project:

"Our agency selected RHC Engineering to design a unique type of bridge in a very challenging, remote location. RHC's design documents and construction review met all of our expectations, and the project finished on time and on budget. But what impressed me the most is that when changes to the project became necessary, Jane always responded quickly, was flexible in her thinking, and provided engineering solutions before the project schedule was impacted. In her communications Jane shared the technical references and knowledge that led to her design decisions, the result being that I learned a lot working with her on this project.

Communications on this project were excellent. Jane was responsive or proactive at the appropriate times, she consistently followed up to ensure mutual understanding, and she explained her technical decisions. As English is her second language, sometimes Jane had to repeat a sentence on the phone, and sometimes her technical writing needed minor grammar edits. The cumulative staff time spent on these tasks was negligible, and every communication with Jane ended in mutual understanding. Language skills never impacted the project's quality, schedule, or budget. "

Min-Soon Yim, Utility Manager II, Seattle Public Utilities, Modular Buildings Upgrade Project:

" RHC provided the most cost effective methodology to us and got the permit, overseeing construction, and final inspection. The project was finished smoothly without any complication, and Jane provided the necessary information in timely manner whenever Department of Planning and Development (DPD) had questions regarding the project. "